Northeast Plains

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Arriba Museum
(711 Front Street, Arriba, CO 80804)
Bailey Saddleland Museum
(20140 County Rd. 125, Simla, CO 80835)
Brush Area Museum and Cultural Center
(314 Clayton St., Brush, CO 80723)
Cheyenne Wells Old Jail Museum
(85 West 2nd Street, Cheyenne Wells, CO 80817)
Comanche Crossing Museum
(56060 E Colfax Ave., Strasburg, CO 80136)
Crook Museum
(4th Street & 4th Avenue, Crook, CO 80726)
Deer Trail Pioneer Historical Society & Museum
(Second and Fir, Deer Trail, CO 80105)
Elbert County Museum
(515 Comanche St., Kiowa, CO 80017)
Flagler Hospital Museum & Hal Borland Room
(311 Main Avenue, Flagler, CO 80815)
Fleming Museum
(400 W Weston St, Fleming, CO 80728, United States)
Fort Morgan Museum
(414 Main Street, Fort Morgan, CO 80701)
Fort Sedgwick Museum
(114 East 1st Street, Julesburg, CO 80737)
Grover Depot Museun
(600 Chatoga Avenue, Grover, CO 80729, United States)
Kit Carson County Carousel Museum
(815 N. 15th St., Burlington, CO 80807)
Kit Carson Museum
(202 W Hwy. 40/287, Kit Carson, CO 80807)
Limon Heritage Museum & Railroad Park
(899 1st Street, Limon, CO 80828)
Lincoln County's Hedlund House Museum
(617 3rd Avenue, Hugo, CO 80821)
Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Museum
(50 S. 1st St., Cheyenne Wells, CO)
Old Town Museum and Emporium
(420 S 14th St., Burlington, CO 80817)
Overland Trail Museum
(110 Overland Trail, Sterling, CO 80751)
Phillips County Museum
(109 S. Campbell, Holyoke, CO 80734)
Rambler Ranch Museum
(36370 Forest Trail, Elizabeth, CO 80107)
Second Central School Museum
(404 West 4th Street, Flagler, CO 80815, United States)
The Depot Museum
(201 West 1st Street, Julesburg, CO 80737)
Washington County Museum
(317 Adams Ave., Akron, CO 80720)
Wray Museum
(205 E 3rd St., Wray, CO 80758)
Yuma Museum
(306 South Detroit, Yuma, CO 80759)

Vintage Photos of each museum city

View along Main Street of first water main pipes being laid, 1912. eamans Bros. Hardware and Furniture, first hardware store in Akron, 1885 Akron - Jail and Water Tower Arriba - Two- story Hotel Colorado is a flat-roofed plain stone block structure with a covered veranda along front facade, 1919. Arriba - The Lincoln State Bank, 1919. Lettering on doors - The Lincoln State Bank, Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent, 4 Percent Paid On Time Deposits, Banking Hours 9 AM. T 4 PM. Arriba - General Office of Arriba Trading Co. and Associated interests in the Post Office block building. Cheyenne Wells - Court House Crook - Old High School Deer Trail - Hosted the first rodeo exhibition on July 4, 1869. Elizabeth - Historic bank building on the main street. Fort Morgan - Main Street Grover - Cora M. Morris & Co General Merchandise Store Grover - Grover School - spring of 1917 Holyoke - Canopy Gas Station, White Gasoline Holyoke - Main Street flanked by brick or frame residences, commercial buildings, and trees, 1930s Hugo - Historic Union Pacific RR roundhouse, 1909.  It is one of four Colorado roundhouses and the only surviving brick roundhouse in Colorado. Julesburg - The Polley family owned, a number of hotels in the area, including the Pioneer Hotel Kiowa - Elbert County Courthouse 1912 Limon - Land of Sunshine, Wealth, and Windmills, 1908 Simla - Early Residents Sterling - Summer quarters of a beet worker's family on a Colorado farm, July 1915. Wray - Land Office 1886

Overland Trail & Flemming Museums

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